Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas is HERE!

My small child just left his bed, ran to the top of the stairs and yelled down "HO HO HO Merry Christmas!" He giggled and ran back to his room. How can you be mad at at that?!

He's got Christmas on the brain. The Rudolph song is "singing" in his head. We think Sneaky is peeking in the windows (especially when he's on the verge of naughtiness- I gasp and look at the window. What? What?! And he thinks it's Sneaky that caught my attention. Sucka.)

I blame myself for all the Christmas cheer. We had the great idea of bringing Sneaky back to his memories. We had Friday off and James went to daycare. We decorated and put up lights. We picked up James from daycare and we were all surprised by the lights.

Inside the house the lights and decorations were up (minus the tree still) and there was a note from Sneaky!

Wow. And M&M's. We can't wait to watch the show! (and it was very cute. and it's gotten a lot of play around this house since Friday!)


"James? I'm not James. I'm Santa James!" He seriously said that, with Blankie as his beard.

More Surprises. After talking about Rudolph singing in his head I surprised James with the show, on TV tonight! We loved the first 15 minutes and then he said he was done. Stinker. But look at his short lived joy...

"I know what the surprise is!"

"Ooooh, it's coming...!"

"I was right! Rudolph!"

Silly Nene.

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