Monday, November 21, 2011

Letter to Santa

James has been forming a mental list for Santa for a while now. Right now he is insistent that he has "just three things" and can't focus on much beyond that. Hey, three is good. I do know that his grandparents and tias will be straying off this list, so no worries :)

Jim helped James with this letter. They cut out the picture of the Lego set from the catalog that we very conveniently just received.

FYI- we have the Lego set and the blanket covered. I think Grandma Laura was going to work on the stamps? I have a few sets on the Amazon list for reference. He has the "Good Work" stamp from Laura that he played with yesterday. This has inspired his want of more stamps. (But not too many more- messy and who knows if this is a passing fancy!)

James wanted to mail the letter right away so his Dad did put the address and stamp on the envelope. They walked to the mailbox this morning to mail the letter.

Jim found an address for Santa and we'll get a response!

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