Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday with Mommy

Tuesdays are my nights with James. Usually we eat a simple dinner and just hang out. We did get home fairly early and had dinner with Jim (Daddy). That was nice! And then he left for his pool night.

First, I picked up James. He greeted me as usual with the big hug and "Mommy!!!" but then dragged me to his locker excitedly. He was BEYOND THRILLED that it was his turn (!!!) to take home the "Letter of the Week Bucket". We had homework! This thrilled me too :)

At home. First, James had to sort through his candy AGAIN. He seriously sat here for 10-15 minutes pouring his candy from one bowl to another. He was such a good boy- didn't beg for extra candy but was content with the two pieces I said he could have after a "good dinner". He even tried the BBQ chicken that we made- a new food for him!

After dinner we started collecting the 5-7 items that start with the letter L.

James ransacked the bathroom and we found one of my Lipsticks.

We found a Libro! (I had to explain that one on the worksheet. Libro is Spanish for book. I hope they appreciate our diverse items :)

All of the items we included in the bucket: Lipstick, Libro, Leaves, Licorice, and Legos. Awesome work!

The fun continues.

Can you guess what this is?

Toejam! James insists on an inspection each night before changing into his pajamas.


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