Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dino James

A few weeks ago we took James to the Science Museum to see the dinosaurs. I guess it's a preschool boy thing to like dinosaurs. We saw more evidence of this at James' birthday party where his friends were pretending to be pterodactyls. Oh, and then they insisted on watching the TV show Dino Dan.

Anyway, before the dinosaurs we tried to interest James in the other science-y things. He really liked the hands on activities.

Weighing himself and finding out how much blood is in his little body.

Marble maze.

My future cookie chef can find a cookie anywhere. This is a "tree cookie"!

Ooooooh scary. Mummy!

Playing with magnets.

Ahhh! The dinosaurs!

James loved these puppets. We have puppets at home but it's not the same, I guess. You need a cool prehistoric background.

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