Sunday, September 28, 2008

a quiet Sunday

Today's news: James did something really cute today. I was clipping coupons out of the Sunday paper at the dining table. James ran over to his toys and found his doctor's kit. He grabbed the play scissors from there and came to the table too. He sat on his Dada's lap and studied my use of scissors. He pretended to cut the newspaper too. Its amazing how he is trying to imitate us!

I had a cute moment with James after his nap. I was napping myself when I heard him wake up, and so I thought maybe he'd be content to lay on the bed with me and watch TV. He cuddled right next to me, laying on his own pillow and pulling up the blanket around him. We watched a bit of golf on TV. I look forward to lazy Sundays in bed with Jim and his Dada! Up until today he's been too anxious to explore and bounce on the bed. It was nice to relax with Baby James!

Also, right before bed tonight we decided that James will help us clean up the day's mess. So I asked him to put away his books, put away the play scissors, put away his golf clubs and balls, etc. He knew exactly where everything went. He put the scissors back in the doctor's kit, the balls in the baskets, and the books in the bin. I had to move things along but he did well! Jim said it was probably a good habit to start :) Right again, Dada!

I keep thinking of things to add. One last thing before I head up to bed! I just remembered that James did yet another amazing thing today. Twice today he told us he pooped. He would suddenly say, "Uh Oh! Da poop!" and grab the front of his diaper. We would check and sure enough POOP! Seriously, I need to read up on potty training. He's very aware of being clean in general so I think the poop is something he wants taken care of ASAP.

Another amazing day with Baby James!

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