Monday, September 22, 2008


So we've added a few words again:

walk (going for a walk)

tree (teee)

choo choo (train, car, truck- any vehicle)

sun (points to the sun in a book)

I might be missing a couple words.

I had a busy, social week! On Monday night I reconnected with my high school friend, Becky, who lives in Blaine too. She is a new Mom and we met for coffee. A Mama break of sorts!

The rest of the week was uneventful but then on Friday I left to meet up with friends again- dinner, drinks, and lots of talking! I saw my other friend Elizabeth, another nearby Mama that I don't see often enough.

On Saturday my Sister Ana took me to the Little House on the Prairie musical at the Guthrie. It was AWESOME! I love LHOTP! We were so impressed with the actors, the music, the beautiful backdrops. And Melissa Gilbert was in it too! Yay Ana for such a great early birthday gift!

On Sunday we spent the day at home but then went to Uncle Joe and Aunt Kathy's for dinner. Grandma Laura was also there. James did very well- he played outside, ate well, and didn't run around too wild. Its sometimes exhausting taking James to another person's house (usually not babyproofed) but maybe he's listening to "No" a bit more or he's just controlling himself :) Or maybe I'm just more relaxed about letting James explore and be a toddler. Probably the last!

Well, I may be fighting off a cold or something. My throat is scratchy and I'm coughing a bit. Wish me luck that I don't end up sick!

Please see our videos below. The second video really amazed me. I found James playing independently and you see in the video what he did. He might be a genius baby that knows patterns already.

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