Monday, September 8, 2008

Are you ready for some football?

Most of the Tauer household is ready. This Mama is not!

Lucky for us that the Vikings game was an early Monday night game. James was able to see the kickoff and watch some of the game before bedtime. Actually, he was very busy playing basketball and drawing most of the time. He rediscovered his Aquadoodle drawing mat and has been very interested in drawing with the water pens. I'm a little glad of this because it has distracted him from his obsessive love of crayons. It was so bad that we couldn't mention the c-word in front of him without James begging to color.

In other news, James has started throwing tantrums. The worst tantrum was on Sunday. James has been throwing fits for unknown reasons and he started that one right before lunch. We could not console him and he ended up going to take a nap without lunch :( Afterwards he had a large snack and then was fine for the night. We haven't been able to figure out what triggers the tantrums, but we're hoping its a phase or explainable, like because of his new molars. We shall see!

James has added a few words to his vocab rotation:

buckle (seatbelt, highchair belt, etc)


aaaa-choo! (sneeze)

Hey you!


book (he says it more clearly)


Very cute!

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