Saturday, September 27, 2008

A dreary Saturday

First, some videos from earlier in the week.

James before we left the house this morning:

Despite my lingering cold and Jim's bad allergies today, we wanted to get out of the house. James does so much better when we are active and having new fun! So the clouds and possible rain kept us from the apple orchard, our original plan. We went out to breakfast at Carol's. James did so well! He had crayons to play with, his beloved strawberries and yogurt (yo-yo), and he even tried a pancake. I'm so glad James is back to eating well at restaurants.

So we made the decision, coming out of Carol's and looking at the sky, to not go to the apple orchard but instead to go to the Mall of America. Jim needed a few work clothes and shoes, so it sounded like a good plan.

James helped ME look for purses at DSW:

James did well! He was curious about everything, sat pretty well in the stroller, but then would be excited to explore when we let him out of it. We shopped and walked around (including the Nickolodeon park) until lunchtime. This picture is from LegoLand. We saw a birthday party in progress there while we were visiting. It looked so cool! What a great idea for when James is a bit older, probably not until he's 6+ though.

We ate at the new restaurant Cantina. Again, James ate really well- in part because we packed really well for his meal out. We were prepared with all of his favorites. I really liked my food but an hour later I was sick to my stomach. Jim was also not feeling well (but because of his allergies), but then we looked down at James and he was napping in the stroller. So we shopped some more, giving him some time to nap. We bought a new coffee maker! Jim is thrilled with his Grind and Brew. Heh.

Here's James wearing the antlers from a Moose mascot thingie. I think it was advertising the mini golf course at the mall.

James napped some more during the car ride home. We got home around 3:00 and the boys realized they were missing the Twins game! So while they watched, I went to Target for some quick groceries and triangular crayons for James. We realized during lunch, with the triangular crayons they provided, that they work so much better. They don't roll off the table! Again, Jim and I weren't feeling the best so we rested up, played with James, and ate a simple meal.

James was the best little boy all day. He was so happy!
And some new words:
sorry (he actually said sorry to me when he dropped his spoon and I had to get up from my dinner to help him- said "soowwwwy")
out (not really new, but I keep forgetting to add it to the list)
down (again, not really new)
yogurt ("yo-yo")
cookie ("cook")

Its so nice that James has his expanding vocabulary. He's now able to ask for specific things, like food- a sippy cup or yo-yo.

I do have one concern. James is a bug killer. I've watched him kill a spider (okay by us!) but the other day he was walking down the driveway and purposely stepping on the small bugs. He ground his foot and really, really killed them well! I hope he's not one of those boys who pull off the wings of flies/butterflies!

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