Saturday, June 14, 2014

Easter 2014

We were at my Mom's for Easter. Grandma Rose reminded James not to forget his Easter basket because she asked the Easter bunny to show up at her house. He sure did!


But first, a family picture. Thank you, Ana!


And the same picture with a filter. I like to play with the light and shading.


James is a very lucky boy. All the eggs to himself!




He was definitely on the move!




A quick picture with Grandma Rose!



Who is that behind the tree?!


Tía ChaCha!


The men played it cool.


Ooooh more eggs!


I'd say James did pretty well for himself. Grandma Rose doesn't mess around. Just a little candy, but a fistful of bills!


Oh and we had a fabulous Easter lunch with our familia!

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