Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Early May shenanigans

A student gave me this mini May Day basket of flowers and candy.


I put a few more candies in it and put it on our front doorstep for James. As far he knows a neighbor was kind and left that for him.


Cuddle time and silly faces.


You can kinda see here that he has the two teeth way up in his gum line, the ones next to his top front teeth. Those teeth are above and over the baby teeth, one of which has fallen out now. The concern is that he will have moderate to severe crowding.




James helped me try out a craft before I did it with students for Cinco de Mayo or Mother's Day (whichever they chose to celebrate). I did this craft with my Gay Straight Alliance group and of course they were rainbow colored flowers! Painting coffee filters...


For flowers!


One of my students was very creative and made his fancy. Love it!


Here are some shenanigans. James received this wind-up spider in a Happy Meal. He knew it would be perfect to scare his Dad! He hid it on his Dad's side of the bed (:


One weekend in May I went on a "scrapbooking weekend" at a rented cabin. I think this was just an excuse to hang out with my fun colleagues, be silly, and drink a little wine!

We ventured into Taylor's Falls to look around. Two people are missing from this picture.


There might have been some midnight strolls in creepy barns, and knocking on windows to scare the other girls. Silly "old" women!


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