Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cultural Festival 2014

In mid May we were treated to the Cultural Festival at Woodcrest. Last year James' class focused on Mexico and James recited a few lines about Mexico's art. This year we didn't know what to expect because we just received the time and date, no other details. We were lucky that we are on-time people because we realized that James was due in the gym at 6pm for his class' music performance.

A quick picture with his self-portrait.


Waiting for the adults and sound system to get ready...hanging out with friends Sam and Christopher.


The performance. James is in the bottom row, near the middle.


And some videos of the performances, if you're curious.




Back at the classroom, with Señora Sierra. She is wearing an Ecuador soccer jersey, since James’ class studied that country for the festival.


The classroom was transformed into Nigeria, Thailand, and Ecuador.





A pit stop at James' desk. He was very eager to show us all of his class work and journals.



I LOVE his journal. I need to study this thing and learn all about my son. Here he started to map out his corazón, or his heart. Mom and Dad, of course, and then there are his Abuelas, the Vikings??, and then his Fish. He said he didn't have a chance to finish so of course I'm assuming he'd include his Grandpas, his Tías, and his Uncles...








Lion puppets.


And a glance at his daily agenda.


Hanging art/work


And back in the school hallway, near the kindergarten area. Last year James' class concentrated just on Mexico.


So it was a fun night to explore the school and cultures! And see James in action- with friends and then singing.



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