Wednesday, June 18, 2014


There was this spelling list for May.


Hardest words yet! It was a huge jump in difficulty and I had to let the teacher know that our study efforts were met with some frustration. She told us that yes, this was the most difficult list and to let James know he can do it and they do expect the kids to make lots of errors.

I showed the list to my FB friends and we all agreed- what happened to learning cat, dog, tree, or other small words?! Also, my eight graders (in their first year of Spanish) were flabbergasted. They truly are at the cat, dog, etc level. James felt better knowing that he has even more Spanish than an eighth grader!

The results? Well, the first Friday he only got ONE right. There were too many red pen corrections :(

We learned that they were testing on the same list the following week too. We studied even more.

The 2nd result? Only ONE WRONG!

Yay James!!!!!!!!!!


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