Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day with Gma Rose, Gpa Larry, Tia ChaCha, Uncle Rich

A HUGE thank you to my sister Ana for taking the first few pictures. I think she is right in saying that the first few minutes of a holiday/event should be spent taking some posed pictures. I am grateful and thrilled to have a great picture of the three of us for the holiday. I am so thrilled that a few of you will be seeing this picture again soon :) So often I am behind the camera and later I feel sad that I am in so few pictures. Just one great picture will make me happy, so happy I could cry!

James starts to tackle the great mound of presents...

Jim models his new Darth Vader slippers! Herrera!

Oh my. Rich received this from my sister Kiki. The Japanese have quite the sense of humor... :)

The fam. Happy to watch James with his impatience. "Do I have another present?"

Grandma Rose and Grandpa Larry recorded another book for James. I love that these Grandparents of his really put themselves out there... (Grandma Laura too!)

Tia Kiki and Tio Gilberto sent some really great presents. We thought about them lots. Love to them!

WOW! They are like Japanese Legos! We can't wait to put them together.

Wow! The pillow pet that he REALLY wanted!

Thank you Grandma Rose!

Thank you Grandpa Larry (Bucko)!

I think this is one of my favorite pictures from the entire holiday. Tia ChaCha's face is lovely and you can tell that she loves her Nugget!

I'm not really sure what Grandpa Larry is doing in this picture. I just thought it was funny that he was looking at the Christmas tree with a Bloody Mary, with Linus on his lap.

Later, Grandma Rose helps James with his puzzle. He loves puzzles :)

The boys went downstairs at one point. Jim and Uncle Rich played pool, James played with his AT-AT, and Grandpa watched football in the Man Cave.

I used the camera's timer to capture this last group photo of us watching Charlie Brown Christmas. (x2151)

After James went to bed Grandma Rose got comfortable with James' chair, pillow pet, and SW blanket! Haha.

Thank you familia! As James kept saying, "This is the best Christmas ever!!!"

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