Thursday, December 9, 2010


I am from a nice house, filled with toys and love.

I am from Spanish words and lessons, something my Mommy thinks is important.

I am from Star Wars movies, action figures, and pewww pewww sounds when I have blaster battles with my Daddy.

I am from Legos, everywhere in my house!

I am from lots of family, they show me love in so many ways.

I am from my Grandma Rose and Grandpa Larry, my Grandma loves to kiss her handsome boy.

I am from my Grandma Laura, the Grandma with the piano, Snowmen books, Snoopy, and family trees.

I am from my Grandpa Frank and Grandma Julie, my family who lives far away.

I am from my Grandpa Roger, he likes the sun and so do I!

I am from affectionate family nicknames- ChaCha, Kiki, Bucka, Bucko, Nugget, Donkey, Jiminy, Goosy, Nene.

I am from making cookies with my Mommy.

I am from playing in the Man Cave with my Daddy.

I am from pictures, videos, photo books, and blogs about my exciting life.

I am from bedtime stories at night, two with my Mommy and too many with my Daddy :)

I am from lots of food in the refrigerator, warm clothes in my closet, and loving parents that think I'm their whole world!

Inspired by my student project, using "I am from" statements/poetry. I realized today that we are already creating James' I am from experiences. He is a lucky little boy.

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