Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve with Grandma Laura

James played and played with his AT-AT. In the morning, because we were rushed, we didn't show him all the features of the toy. It lights up! It has cool sounds! The cables tow action figures up and down! WOWSA!

We also opened a few more presents between the Grandparent visits. James received a few Star Wars books that were meant for his birthday, but because of the overwhelming number of presents at his party, we saved them for later. He was thrilled with his books!

More cookies were put out. I was really happy to make new kinds of cookies. It's like my gift to our family to make new recipes. I hope they enjoyed them.

Uncle Joe was a good sport. He put up with that stinky blankie on his head. James was so happy to have someone new to play with :)

When Grandma arrived James was sooooooo ready to open more presents. He sat patiently until we gave him a present to open.

Linus! Just like in the Charlie Brown Christmas Special that we've watched over and over and over. Linus is special because he also has a Blankie :)

OMG! The fire station! (TBJ because he was soooo looking forward to this particular present.)

Thank you Uncle Joe and Shannon! (Sharon :)

Jim LOVES his new slippers!

Thank you Grandma Laura. You were so generous and thoughtful!

So Uncle Joe gave James the Lego fire station but then came the task of putting together all 600+ pieces. It was fun :)

This is my sweetie. He makes everything possible :)


Thank you Grandma Laura and Uncle Joe! You are loved and appreciated :) :) :)

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