Saturday, December 11, 2010


Not the good ice cream kind... but inches and inches of snow. By 10am Jim had to go out with the snowblower to clear away the first round of snow. We knew more was coming and it would be easier to do this way.

The view from our deck. Just whiteness everywhere!

The second round of snowplowing and shoveling, at round 3:00. Jim said there was probably 4-5 inches more, but some of the snowdrifts were piled way higher.

James was interested to see what his Daddy was doing. We watched from the window.

Snowball! Right in the face!

He looked ridiculously cold but he said he wasn't. Lots of layers helps.

I can't tell how much more has fallen, now that it's dark, but I can hear the wind. It reminds me of LHOTP :)

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