Saturday, June 2, 2012

Preschool Graduation

James graduated from his preschool on Friday afternoon. It was such an exciting day for all of us. I knew they'd be wearing caps and gowns so I was excited to see how grown up he'd look. I didn't think I'd be sad or cry (though my Mom warned me this could happen) because I am very excited for Kindergarten.

The preschoolers marched through the pavilion. Their teacher held a little boombox that played the processional song. So cute!

James sat in his seat so quietly. He was probably the most well-behaved kid, just sitting and not distracting his neighbors (like some other kids!)

Just cute waves every so often :)

They said this was their biggest class ever of graduating preschoolers.

The kids sang a few songs for all of us. Very cute! The second song was pretty long but impressive that they remembered all those words. The third song was so out of sync that it was funny. The teacher just threw up her hands in surrender...





And then it was time for the diplomas. Missy called each student to the front and gave them their drawing to hold. The kids had each drew a picture of their future and Missy announced their goals for when they grow up.

Russell gives James some encouragement as he walks up for his turn. Awwww.

James said he wants to be a Swimmer when he grows up, because he takes lessons and loves to swim :)


We were so proud :)

Grandma Rose was looking on proudly the entire time.


I don't think they told the kids that traditionally graduates throw up their hats, but several parents encouraged the kids to do it.



Grandma gets James ready for some pictures...






Of course we had to stick around for cake!


The real diploma. The rolled up paper that was given to the kids was blank! Ha.


And cupcakes at home... Chocolate with chocolate, James requested.


We are so proud of our little guy. He did a great job and is leaving New Horizon with so many new skills and friends. He's just an all around good kid!

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