Sunday, June 17, 2012

Swimming Update

James finished another level at Foss Swim School. He's doing so well! We started a new session on Friday, switching to mornings since I am home for the summer.

These two pictures are from the last session...

It took him a quick second to be coaxed into jumping, but he did it!


So at the new session it became clear very quickly that James was in the wrong class. The two other boys were beginners. I spoke to one of the Moms on the sideline and she told me that her son was big for his age (4 yrs old) and just starting classes. I explained this was James' third session at Foss. The other boy was very timid. James stunned the instructor by putting his face in the water for counts of 10, 12, and even 15!

He must have signalled one of the other instructors because someone came by and looked to be evaluating the kids. She must have decided about James because she came over and spoke with me about placing James in a different session. She said it was kind of a crap shoot when you jump up a level (James went from Littles to Middles) so quickly, because you're not sure which kids will be in your session. She guaranteed that if we move to Tuesdays James would be with kids at his same skill level.

It was nice to have my kid be too good at something :)

It was also nice to have the most well behaved kid in the pool! Some of the other kids were stinkers, and quite challenging to the instructors!

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