Sunday, June 17, 2012


I'm trying to get James used to "school" at home. The first day didn't go so great. He was uncooperative. I raised my voice slightly (really!) and he cried. He promised to do better the next time.

It really was frustrating to me. I knew he could do the work and was just not cooperating. Since then he's been great. He calls me "Ma'am" or "Teacher"! And he does the work very well. He likes to be independent and does not like me to hover over him. I've learned to give him a worksheet or instructions and do dishes or something, while I wait.

I'm very happy with this little dude!


Star Wars worksheets. Patterns, matching, etc.

I wanted to start with old school worksheets and lessons. There are so many apps on my iPad that we can use too. We'll slowly start to integrate those into our days :)


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