Sunday, April 29, 2012

DIY Lego Fun

This morning my sweet boy presented me with flowers. He's so sweet! He later made a "vase" for them and they are now in the middle of the dining room table. Ha!


Jim helped James build this "castle". James received a Lego magazine the other day and has been poring over the pictures of the new Lord of the Rings sets that will come out later this year. He has caught a few glimpses of the movies too so has seen that there are battles, trolls, and other warriors. He then created his own battle scene this morning with the Castle. Good vs. Evil? I don't remember how he distinguished the different sides.


You can see some of the minifigs with weapons and looking like they are in mid-fight!


We made a big to-do about how we can create our own sets and they are just as fun! I'm sure he'll much prefer the real sets when they come out, but..


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