Friday, April 13, 2012

Stay at Home days

James lives for weekends. He calls them stay at home days.

Stay at home days are filled with Lego play, errands, family visits, and some times cool outings. On this day it was a beautiful day and we ended up playing outside a bit.

Lego play first.

He is doing so well on his bike! We aren't forcing the helmet yet. We've mentioned that when he gets really good at the bike and rides without Mom or Dad at his side, that the helmet will be needed. There is a helmet fitting at the City Hall later this month. We figure that might be the right time to introduce it to our learning.


Later in the day James was feeling pretty brave, or maybe he was entranced with the bounce house, but he asked his Dad if they could go over to the neighbor's house and play. These are neighbors that we know well enough so it wasn't too awkward to just go over.



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