Sunday, April 29, 2012

Earth (Month) Artwork

James' classroom always has a month-long theme. This month was very Earth-friendly- focusing on recycling, ways of being "green", and cleaning up the Earth. His class took to the streets (well, actually to the daycare yard and parking lot) and cleaned up after the litter bugs.

Raindrop. I'm sure this was an activity using scissors skills. I guess it's something we can work on this summer!

The Earth!

Ummm, no idea. A magazine ad glued to a piece of paper. I wonder if it's more scissor skills and then glue skills in action?

A Tree. Trees are very important to the Earth.

Recycling sign. Gluing skills.

James' interpretation of "What is Earth Day?"

He told me that he is holding orange "peppers" his hands. We've been eating those at home a lot!


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