Monday, May 25, 2015

Roseville Ice Arena

I received some fancy ice skates for Christmas (thanks Ana!) and I really wanted James to try skating. No pressure. Just enjoy it. And he was willing so I looked up the hours for a local ice arena that rents skates and we were off!

The ice arena had these support thingies so James was pretty confident scooting around. The actual skating motion escaped his efforts, but he'll learn!


And then he wanted to try without the support. I was patient and supportive. And I let him fall. It's good for him.




He just kept getting back up!






I used to skate a lot in my youth.. And I was excited to see if I could still skate well but I ended up needing to stick with James the whole time. One day I'll show him my moves :)


Proud Mom.


And we celebrated with ice cream afterwards. Of course!


We only made it skating once but maybe next year we'll get him some used skates and we can try the Blaine parks and warming houses.



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