Monday, May 25, 2015

NYE 2014

I keep trying to convince James that his bestie is Noah. Noah's mom, Jessica, is my best friend so it would really help if we all like to hang out. Well, Noah is only 3 (on NYE) and James is kind and patient but he has more mature interests. Ha!

The Mesna family came over to hang out with us on New Year's Eve. Jess and I hung out, the boys played, and the bigger boys (Jim and Andy) hung out in the basement and pretended they were pool sharks.

The small boys headed up to bed and James was very helpful. He shared his bed, read Noah some books, and helped to keep the excitement down.






So they tried to sleep.



It didn't end up working out so well. Noah got up multiple times and asked for his Mom from the top of the stairs. Jess was pregnant and couldn't keep getting up and down, so we ended up abandoning our sleepover efforts.

It was still nice to hang out!

Happy New Year!


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