Sunday, December 21, 2014

Fare for All

I was in charge of my school's holiday help program again this year. I was the point person but we were a strong team of four that contacted the 85 families to come to Anoka's Fare for All event for holiday food. We focus on food because we realize kids will be home for 2 weeks without school lunches. Hopefully, this helps to stretch those holiday dollars.

Thanks to our faith partner each family went home with boxes of frozen meat, a box of produce, a box of dairy (milk, oj, eggs, butter), and then two walmart bags of nonperishables. We headed up a team of CRMS volunteers to help families with their vouchers, through the line, and then carry all the items to their cars. It was a busy, fast paced two hours!



It feels like a lot of work but I'm always glad to start the holidays giving to these families.



Sneaky: December 18

I wasn't feeling well one night so I asked Jim to make sure Sneaky moved.


I guess Sneaky wants to be a shark too!


Sneaky: December 17

I think this Crunch bar gift was a bigger hit than some of the other nights!


Sneaky: December 16



Sneaky: December 15

True Star Wars fans may point out that the Wampa beast doesn't use fire, preferring its meal fresh and icy cold. Oh well.

It took me a frustrating ten minutes to rig up the fire spit but I got it done!


Man Cave





Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sneaky: December 14

Again, help!


The next morning James performed a rescue!


Sneaky: December 13



Smarter than an 8 year old

James has an iPod that he can use to text people with iPods or iPhones. One night I changed my contact information in his iPod to "Santa". I texted him and it looked like Santa had texted!

I took a screenshot from my phone.


James freaked out! And he was so honest that he deleted the texts so the kids on the bus wouldn't find the number.

That was good fun!


Sneaky: December 12



Sneaky: December 11

Minecraft 8 bit Santa!



Sneaky: December 10

Sneaky's been hauling butt to the North Pole for 10 days now. I guess he felt he needed a vacation already! And he got the Tooth Fairy to join him!


Gotta love that brown sugar beach!


Sneaky: December 9




Worker Elf

We came home one day to a clean house. Sneaky had a message for James.



Sneaky: December 8

Sneaky gets crafty.


Sneaky: December 7

A Twix log fire :)


And I made Sneaky poseable! Wish I had done this years ago! I stuck craft wire up his limbs. Makes everything easier!

Cozy night

Just a cozy family night watching Charlie Brown Christmas.

Three pairs of blanket covered legs here.


And Sneaky left James a cozy pair of pjs. During the day! That Elf moves around a lot!


James loved them immediately and put them on.


And thanked Sneaky.



And then went downstairs to show Dad.


They ARE quite warm and fuzzy. We should all have Elf pjs!