Saturday, November 6, 2010

James is FOUR!

We taught James this morning that he is one-two-three-four years old! He counts on his hand and gets excited. I love this boy!

He helped me make his party cupcakes this morning. I could tell, from that, that he is indeed a big boy. He accepted my explanation that the cupcakes were for later and he was okay with that. The younger James would have wanted a cupcake NOW! He was so helpful. He helped me place the cupcakes in the cupcake transporter (this huge wonderful contraption) and then he supervised my frosting. (He may have dipped his finger in a cupcake or two, and licked off the frosting. Sorry if you happened to eat that particular one. It was too cute and I ended up giving him a small spoon to lick so he wouldn't keep putting his fingers in :)

And then the party! I was so anxious all day because we counted the people we were expecting and realized it was much a longer list than we thought before. We had some last minute RSVP's, which was cool. We had plenty of cupcakes, favor bags, and cookies but we were worried about the space. It ended up just fine. Phew!

I would describe it as happy chaos. Lots of little kids running around, waiting for that sugar high, and anxious to get to playin' at the playground. We had cupcakes and ice cream and then released the kids to play. Phew.

James waits patiently for cupcakes.

We all sing Happy Birthday to James-

James' teacher Mrs. Kathy with Caleb on her lap. Mrs. Kathy is wonderful. She babysits during some weekends and she brought two of James' friends to the party. And her 8 year old son, he loves to help with the little kids.

I didn't get ANY pictures of my family. WTF? Kiki, help me out. Did you?

So finally the kids go to play.

Here's Josh Q climbing.

James joins Russell and Andy in the ball pit.

And then back to the party room for presents-

LOTS of presents. We were overwhelmed and thankful for great friends and family!

Russell was just as excited about the presents as James. I had to politely ask him to sit back a few times and let James open the presents. His Mom didn't say much, but helped hold him back occasionally.

After presents we scrambled to get cleaned up, hand out the party bags, and thank everyone because we had to be out of the party room exactly at 4pm.

The party favors were a hit. They were these little lightsaber Chinese yo yos. The kids had a great time whipping them across the room. I'm glad we handed those out at the end of the party, they would have drove me CRAZY. Haha. My friend Kim told me that her two kids had a great time swinging those lightsabers during the car ride home. :)

Wow, that's a lot of presents. And Christmas is next month?? Whoa.
Thank you everyone! We love you!

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