Thursday, May 23, 2013


I hope James doesn't object to this post when he is like 13 or whatever. You know, when teenage surly stuff goes on. But at the end of April James was having some issues. He was having many accidents at school and home. We took him to the doctor.

So the first thing they ask at the doctor is for James to pee in a cup. I braced myself for this experience. James found it highly amusing and could not stop giggling that he was going to pee in a cup. This gave me the giggles too and we got through it just fine. And then, "Mom, I have to poop!" Of course. Public place. James loves to poop any time we are out and about.

But I noticed that his poop was very, very large. Just a little mental note that came in handy ten minutes later.

During the exam with Dr. Keis she asked a lot of questions about his habits, diet, and behavior. And then she asked if he poops every day. I let James answer that question because honestly I hadn't been keeping track. It turns out NO! And I mentioned his large poop just minutes before. Sounds like constipation. Maybe a severe back up.

Xray ordered.



Yup. Poop issues. The doctor said that all the fuzzy stuff behind his pelvis is poop.


So we spent a weekend close to home so we could give James three doses of Miralax a day. It went well. We saw lots of activity. Ahem. And then it got really messy on Sunday night so we did decide to keep James home an additional day, and miss school, to get him back on a regular once a day schedule.

I can't say that everything is back to normal yet, because we are thinking of doing another cleanse this weekend after some random accidents at school. But we are hopeful that this will sort itself out, very soon!


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