Wednesday, August 3, 2011

July 7 T-Ball

I don't know if I ever updated with the progress we've made at t-ball. The first couple of practices James didn't participate fully and really needed me by his side. I started to bring a folding chair to his practices and I let him show me where I should set up the chair, so I could sit with the rest of the Moms. James took this very seriously and would show me EXACTLY where I could sit. I would sit and show him where the water bottle would be, so he could come back for his water breaks. He would then run over to the field and get buddied up with another kid for some throwing practice.

The team is led through some activities. This was kind of like follow the leader combined with red/green light.

Batting practice. He's doing so well!

A thumbs up from far away.

Receiving instruction from Coach Tim.

Another thumbs-up.

I have to say that James really made a lot of progress. I am considering ourselves lucky because this other child didn't have so much luck. I don't know his name but I've called him Pigpen in my mind. He spent the entire practices shuffling around in the dust. The coaches tried to draw him in but he ignored everything.

After his practice James was HUNGRY. He prepared this picnic for us. Cute!

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