Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lego KidsFest

"Mom, I'm ready to go. I have my Lego shirt on!"

Lego KidsFest was held at the Convention Center. What a great big huge space for this fun day!

Lego sculptures everywhere!

We made it clear to James days before that the Lego day would be full of things to see, things to build and play, and maybe at the end, if he was a good boy, he would get to buy a small Lego set. We needed to do this otherwise the entire time would be spent answering his, "Can we buy a toy??"

One of the cool things to see and do was this Creation Nation. It was a huge floor map of the U.S. and kids were able to build a creation to add to the map. You can see Florida in the background of this first picture.

James made a "house" for the map.

Here is my green square, it's a picnic table if you can't tell!

We then went to participate in the mosaic. We were given these tiny Lego plates with colors printed on them. James worked very hard to fill his square with the tiny Lego pieces and then we went to the wall to add our squares.

Part of the wall was already filled in. It's a city!

James hammered his plate to the wall. (They had numbers on the back so we knew where it would be placed.)

We didn't participate in this Lego pile. It looked very overwhelming.

We played a Lego board game. It was a nice break.

A really fun area was the Lego racers. James built a car and he was then able to race it down a ramp. So fun!

This is also where we ran into some teenage... enthusiasts. They were VERY into their car building and the physics of it.

We did hit the Lego marketplace at the end of the morning. James found a reasonable Star Wars Lego set. We haven't been able to separate him from the Lego ship since!

On the way out we admired more of the Lego statues.

(insert Darth Vader breathing here)

I did steal some Legos. Target had an area where you could build the BullsEye dog and leave him at the display. We didn't leave ours. I don't feel too bad about that considering how much we ended up spending at the place!

Worn out!

And finally, building the new Lego set. Yay!

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