Saturday, March 14, 2015

Christmas Day in Shakopee



Pool sharks.





My traditional cookie platter. A few new ones this year.



Which presents are for me?!




Grandma Rose put James in charge of passing out presents. He did a great job!




Who is this one for?!


Must be mine....


Nope! It's for ChaCha!



It was the Gnome Chia pet that gets passed around. Dang it!


It was a Skylander Christmas.




And great books!


A present from Tía Kiki and Tio Berto...hmm.....


Dollar bills explosion!!


And wine for me!



I promise you that I was there. And Grandma Rose and Grandpa Larry. We just didn't make it into pictures. I am kicking myself.

Christmas Eve Morning- Just the 3 of us

Oops the Prep and Landing elves forgot their goggles AGAIN!


Stockings are always first.







Happy boy!






That's what I'm talking about! Thanks, Santa!


Sneaky: December 24

My grand finale didn't go so well..


Those are balloons behind the plastic. When James opened the door the balloons were supposed to fall on his head. James got the idea but it wasn't memorable. Boo.