Friday, August 30, 2013

Paris, Day 4 Part 1

There were so many pictures from this day that I'm going to split this blog posting into two parts.

On this morning we (Jim and myself) made our way to the Eiffel Tower for our scheduled tour and rise to the summit. So exciting!

This is the middle part of the ET, showing the ongoing construction.


We found our tour guide very easily. The company is well organized and our guide was super funny and friendly. At the bottom of the ET, in the shade, she gave us the history of the Eiffel Tower.


Our tour group got to skip the line (phew! that thing stretches for "miles"!) and we headed up in the elevator to the second level.

They sure did crowd us in that elevator!



The ride up felt pretty rickety but I'm sure it was perfectly safe.


We saw the people walking up and down the 704 stairs to the 2nd level.


At the second level this was the view looking up to the summit. Whoa.



The views were beautiful. It was a hot, clear day so we could see for miles.




People are even starting to put padlocks on structures other than the bridges...


Our tour guide was nice enough to take this picture for us.


She gave us 20 minutes to enjoy the views and then we were called back to listen to more of the history of the Paris sights. We made our way around the deck and she told interesting stories about just about everything we could see.

And did you know that they are currently voting on which color to paint the Eiffel Tower next? And do you know that HOT PINK is in the lead?! I'm so glad we saw the ET at its current brown/gray!


We were given tickets to go up to the summit, on our own. We found the LONG line for the elevator and went up some more.


Everything became much smaller down below! It was a little terrifying to think of how high we were! (81 floors!)


I promise you that I did NOT write on the Eiffel Tower. Maybe another Lisa and Jim were in love, at the same exact spot?!




The lines were pretty long to go down. We stopped for a quick bathroom break and I tried to mentally prepare myself for the long, long walk down the stairs. I kept telling myself that it would be way easier than going UP the stairs... Luckily, we found an elevator with NO wait and made our way down quite easily.


This is one of the pillars at the bottom of the Tower.


One more last look up close...


We hurried back to our hotel to prepare for our next part of the day. We found a little stand that sold these delicious baguette sandwiches. OMG. So good!


Part 2 coming up!

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