Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weekend update

Darn those Thanksgiving leaves. They are everywhere :) I give them another week and then they will mysteriously disappear.

James could color for hours.

On Friday Dada put up Christmas lights on the outside of our house. Most of the pictures did not turn out but I like this one. It looks like the Penguin is on fire!

We went to the Macy's holiday display in Downtown Minneapolis with Grandma Laura. We met early for breakfast and then headed over to Macy's pretty early to beat the crowds. My camera couldn't quite capture much of the display and I missed some pretty good shots. The display was pretty small and so we only walked around for like 20 minutes! Well, it was pretty.

James became fascinated by the "mail" in one part of the holiday display. He tried to rip apart the letters that were glued down the floor of the display. Notice the monkey on his back- it lets him walk around freely but within our reach.

I'm so upset that this shot didn't turn out. Oh well.

Back to coloring...

Grandma Laura gave James a great Christmas book with Scratch-n-Sniff parts. James really gets into sniffing!

Time for some rough and tumble football with Dada!

Go Vikings! and James confiscated Dada's hat.

Tossing the hat is fun.

Look at what else he found! Dada's slippers! We turned away from James for a second and then he comes walking out of the mudroom with Jim's slippers. It was too cute! I didn't tell James he had them on the wrong feet though.

Dada's hat? Check.
Dada's slippers? Check.
What else can I steal?

We also put up our Christmas tree. James had barely paid any notice of it! It only has lights on it at this point but we think James will be okay around it. I'm so glad.

One last thing- James is eating poorly. We could barely get any food in him today. I thought for sure he would eat everything I put in front of him for dinner but he was SO PICKY. He had perfectly good food (his usual favorites) in front of him but he just whined and cried to get "Out!" I am conflicted about this but because he was whiny and obviously not willing to eat, we didn't give him any "treats" like his favorite fruits or any sweets. Usually he'd get those at the end of the meal and he eats those heartily but we didn't even offer them. I know he'll eat when he gets hungry. I had told myself that when he turned 2 I wouldn't be a short order cook and make too many options. There is no reason why he can't be eating the same good foods that his Mama and Dada eat! Good thing we're starting those vitamins soon.

He acted normally after dinner, well, except for the fussiness at Target. We had to make a quick trip to get tree lights and James wasn't cooperative. We weren't able to browse much and had to rush to get out before he came close to any kind of tantrum. Oh well. Football was waiting for us when we got home :)

Coming up this week: Not too much! I need to contact Grandma Rosie about visiting their new house soon. Bucka? You out there? Give me a call!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Lurkey and other fun

Well, our pictures will tell our Thanksgiving story this year.

Theo Rich is fun fun.

Checking out the scenery before the food...

We could just kiss this cook! She is the best!

Bucka helped.

Bucka took some football breaks with James. Bucka looks a little afraid of the ball.

Grandpa Larry made faces at James. James was not amused. (He was crabby from his nap.)

He soon cheered up and played some ball.

Oh, it looks like the splits...

Love this happy boy!

Gravy consultation.

James and Dada watching football.

Yay! Great food! James tried a bit of everything.

Our place setting leaves. We are family.

More football.

And then Tia ChaCha brought out the leaves... much fun for half an hour!

Bucka loves James!

Dance party begins!!!

Please see our videos below for some funny dance moves. James REALLY got into it :)

We are thankful for so much!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Night Night I wuf you Mama

James is his cutest at bedtime. I love his new Sock Monkey pajamas from Grandma Rosie. I love that he climbs up on to the step stool in the bathroom, grabs both toothbrushes, and hands me one to "help". Really, we do all the tooth brushing. James will usually just suck on the brush, so it leaves Mama and Dada to do the real brushing.

We head upstairs after saying goodnight to the parent left downstairs, and then we kiss 'Mo, Cook, and Errrrnie. (Elmo, Cookie Monster, Ernie)

And last, I get the hug and "Night Night Mama". I lay him down and say, "I love you".

James says, "I wuf you Mama" or something close to that. It melts my heart.

Monday, November 24, 2008

The last few days

We went out to dinner on Friday night. James was a Delightful Dinner Date.

The best behaved for a long, long time. Usually a dinner would be one or the both of us parents scrambling to keep James entertained and well fed. He very happily played with the Chili's coasters, ate his yogurt, cheese, fries, banana, and chicken.

Saturday night was spent playing. Bowling, specifically. James loves to play with his Dada.

James imitated Dada dancing.

Dada and Mama posed for a self portrait.

James leaned in for a close up. I love this picture! What a happy boy...

The frog shirt is from Tia Cha-Cha. She made several neat-o shirts for his birthday. The felt characters snap off!

Sunday brought our family bible study.

"Mama, you need a Bible."

So really, James has these little bibles. He likes to pass them out to us and then collect them. Over and over and over. He says, "Bbble."

Football! Or in James speak, "buttball!" We keep trying to help him pronounce it correctly.

I caught these pictures as he throws up the ball(s) and says, "Touchdown!"

Tonight James played some hockey with his Dada. Dada is definitely in charge of sports around here.