Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The state of our living room

We've gone through several phases of toys. Golf balls everywhere, Legos, Angry Birds, etc. These days it is stuffed animals, or stuffed friends as he calls them. They come downstairs with him every morning, and go up at bedtime.


There are actually more of them these days. He is very particular about his stuffed friends. He's been given several by friends/family and If they don't meet his criteria of softness, size, whatever... Well, they don't make it into his club. So please don't buy any for James :) I think he has enough!


Fun with friends

It was nice to see the kids out and about! Even with Nerf guns :)


Go outside James... Taking a break with iPods.



They quickly moved on to playing for real. James is quite good at soccer but refuses to be part of a team. Darn.


Back on the bike

As the weather improved we tried to get James outside more. This meant working on his bike skills again!

Jim determined James' current bike to be too small so they picked out a new one. It is the right size but since james isn't quite confident yet we're still practicing on the smaller bike.



We need to keep at it!


My videos aren't embedding in these blog posts correctly so click on this link to see a short video clip of his bike attempts.


James Jr.

One day James Jr. waited patiently for James to come home from school.


Easter 2015

We woke up to the Easter bunny's baskets for each of us!



James had the best basket of course, full of things he wanted/likes.




We headed over to Grandma Rose's house for an Easter brunch. First, James was excited to have them try his new jelly beans.



Green apple or grass? I think Grandma got grass flavored!



This Mom was excited to try a strawberry mimosa. No jelly beans for me!


The weather wasn't great for an outside egg hunt so Grandma his the eggs in the basement. James always has a great time finding the eggs.




I think Grandma Ross brings home samples from the bank she works at... The eggs always have dollar bills, sometimes $5!



Tia ChaCha and Uncle Rich were kind enough to gift James with some new books! He loved them so much he started reading them immediately.



Grandma always outdoes herself with the holiday decor!



My favorite bunny-



Thank you familia for always giving James a holiday to remember!


Monday, June 29, 2015

Getting ready for Easter

We were egged!

A neighbor friend left this note and a Easter basket of goodies on our front steps. We had to make copies of the sign and do the same for someone else. Like Pay it Forward.



My Obama egg collection :) 2009-2015



Our neighborhood had an Easter egg hunt. James has always hunted for eggs solo so I thought a larger egg hunt would be fun. The kids were in a frenzy of anticipation!

The little kids got a head start. The big kids lined up for the "Go!"



And they're off!


One of the neighbors on the pond hosted the hunt. Their yard had lots of nooks and crannies to hide the eggs. Each kid was supposed to hunt for 10 eggs and then be done.











Evan and Alex were also hunting.


We even invited them over afterwards for a spontaneous play date and lunch.



It was a good day!


Sunday, June 28, 2015

FMSC April 2015

Our Spanish Immersion neighbors/community gathered again to volunteer at Feed My Starving Children.

We worked alongside a few of James' friends and their families. It is great fun for the kids and they take it so seriously!

James and Alex (Evan's little brother)



James is in charge of scooping rice!



Filling the bags..



Fun with Evan



At the end it was time to clean up. I've never seen James clean up so well! And willingly :)



100 volunteers can make a difference!


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Teacher communication

Twice now Señora Middleton has sent me emails entirely in Spanish. I don't know if she has me confused with another parent or if my use of my maiden name in my email signature makes her believe that I am a Spanish speaker.

I respond to her in English and use Google Translate!